Monday, January 7, 2013

angry birds pennant banner

We are in full-on Angry Bird birthday mode around here. Alfredo is so excited about this birthday and all the fun things we have in store for his friends.

Nothing says party like a pennant banner! This weekend, I whipped up this one...

I decided to make it out of felt instead of paper so that we can re-use it as a room decoration.
You can see how easily they are pieced together....googly eyes, eyebrows, beak and a wedge for the belly. I used a bit of felt glue to secure the face parts. 
I sewed the triangles together using bias tape folded over the top edge. It came together rather quickly. I started cutting out the triangles Friday afternoon. By friday night, I'd glued all the yellow bird faces. Saturday, I did the red bird faces and sewed them all together. There are a few sections, depending on the length of bias tape I had...some short and others quite long. Probably more than 50 feet of pennant banner all together!
This adorable "Happy Birthday" banner is from Target. The colors go so well with the theme. I adore it...especially since it can be used forever. And for just $5, you can't beat the price.
Tomorrow, I'll show you the humongous Angry Bird ball I painted and what we have planned for it. We're having so much fun around here!


Debby said...

So cute. For my granddaughter's Angry Bird party my DIL decorated the balloons as Angry Birds. Love those banners.

Susanna said...

heh... Finland's gift to the world :)

Looking cute!

Tina said...

That is the cutest thing ever---- and I mean Amy, you make a lot of cute things! :)

Eva {Tales of the Scotts} said...

So stinkin' adorable!

Elaine said...

There is lots of fun angry bird theme music to go with your party. There is Samba, hip-hop, orchestra, dubstep. The kids love it. Check out iTunes. Just be sure to listen to the entire song before playing for kids, a couple have the pigs oinking inappropriate words! I think I had to re-burn a disk four times. Have fun!