Thursday, January 5, 2012


Is it just me or is your Christmas tree still up too? I wish I could just call somebody to come take care of it for that wrong? If you're looking for a business to get into, I think that would be a great one. Just one call and it's all put away.

I saw this idea on Pinterest to use an egg carton to store small fragile ornaments so I've been saving an empty egg carton for just that purpose. I finally broke down this morning and took a few ornaments down. Maybe that's how I'll do it...a few at a time, when the notion passes over me...while I'm chatting on the phone or in those pockets of time between stuff to do. At that rate, though, we'll still have the tree up at Easter. It would be better just to make that call and have the after Christmas crew of fairies take care of it.

Maybe this laziness I'm feeling is a symptom of some sort of after Christmas disorder. Any ideas to help me snap out of it?

Meanwhile, that hole in the wall for the dollhouse room? Still unfinished. Rich started to make it in the coat closet but found a pesky pipe in the way. He patched up that hole magnificently (you'd never even know it was there!) and is now working on making a beautiful hole in the pantry. He's sanding and finishing it off so nicely but, as I'm discovering, this kind of perfection takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of rest in between (I say that with not a bit of sarcasm, I promise) God bless that man for doing this for me...I've never felt so loved.

With all this laziness and inertia and newyearsishness, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about how I spend my time (when I'm not so lazy) and about this sweet boy we're raising up. I'm not sure exactly what I'd like to cut back on (perhaps worrying?)...but I sure would like to do more cuddling while he's still cuddly, more talking about life and more answering his sweet questions. And coloring. I'd like to do more coloring.


Kathi said...

Don't feel bad about still having your Christmas tree up--in our house, we celebrate Christmas until Jan 6, the day the Magi came. Our tree is always up till then.

Alice said...

Both my sisters take their tree down on Christmas! Like you, mine stays up for a while, mostly because of that same inertia after the holidays. Just before Christmas I started hearing ads about people who came to your home and put up outdoor lights, so maybe there's a group that puts away trees.....

Too bad about the pipe where you wanted the doll house. I know it will be just as enchanting in the pantry. I can't wait to see it!

Yes, yes, hug on that boy as much as you can. I can certainly vouch that they grow up so fast--while you aren't looking.

Have a wonderful day!

Jane said...

Tomorrow's the last day of Christmas (Epiphany)so it's wonderful to continue the celebration until then. Gives us time to enjoy the decorations and to think about things. Everything's so rushed before Christmas.

Maybe make taking down the tree a project for this weekend? I wonder if there really are people who come help undecorate? Good idea!

Enjoy this time with your special little boy - and your wonderful husband - color away while you can!
xoxo Aralia Jane

Jennifer Hepler said...

If I can ever help you please ask!

Valerie said...

Hello Amy,
I say "relish in the laziness, and color while you can!" I also heartily recommend going with Trust and Faith, and if your heart is in spending time with the little man, then, by all means, the Christmas tree can wait! Enjoy every moment. They do grow up in the blink of an eye.
x, Val

WW said...

I haven't taken down my decorations either, but thankfully, most of my decorations are snowman and snow related, so I can wait awhile to take them down.