Thursday, January 5, 2012

birthday style

So, Alfredo wanted a Karate/Ninja/Kung Fu party. I know these are all different but to a 5 year old...they are basically the same. Kicking, spinning, chopping all while screaming hi-yah!

I'd heard of a great small karate studio in our area that does birthday parties so we booked it for his birthday.

Today, Alfredo's birthday invitations are going out...

I used an image from istock and customized it with Alfredo's sweet face.

I printed them 2-up on cotton resume paper. To make the scrolls, I cut dowels to 9" and glued wooden beads to the ends (I used two different sizes of beads and each used a different size dowel so check before you buy) I used plain old Scotch tape to attach the paper to the scrolls. It worked better than any glue and actually looked pretty nice.

I thought that small mailing tubes were pretty easy to find at office supply stores...but alas, no. We took a little hike today to Tyson's Corner to the Container Store and scored these pretty red ones...just a buck each.

We also invited all of his preschool class...those invitations were just passed out at dismissal today, sans mailing tube.

Up next....I'm hoping to make a dragon cake! And personalized head wraps.

p.s. Suddenly, I'm not so lazy. But the tree is still dressed. I think I'll take your advice and take it down after Epiphany, this weekend.


Danee said...

I did a Indian Jones party for my then 5 year old and we did an obstacle course sort of thing with stations. it was a big hit. I think Ninja parties lend themselves to this. What is it with Ninja right now? Ninjago, Power Rangers Samuri, Kick'in It, Ninja's everywhere a 4-8 year goes. Very very cute invites- I love the personalization- I recognized your little man right away and the scrolls….divine.

Debby said...

So cute and original. Happy Birthday to your little fella.

WendyBee said...

Brilliant! Lucky Alfredo!

Lori Bei Durst said...

So cute ! Amy, that is when I take my tree down...after Jan. 6th. It is crispy, but I love it so. Enjoy! :o)

Jane said...

Oh, I love those invitations! Won't that be fun for those receiving them in the mail?!
Now you've 'inspired' me to start taking down my Christmas tree + other decorations :)
Aralia Jane

Tina said...

Are you the coolest Mom in the world or what???????? This is what one needs perhaps to get past the dregs? Just to move on with a fabulous project??? Maybe so! Hugs!

Whosyergurl said...

Very cute. You are so talented, Amy!
(I've been to Tyson's Corner w/my daughter that lives in MD.)

xo, Cheryl

Lindsey said...

this is so creative. i love your blog!
please follow mine at

koralee said...

What fun...hope you are well dear one. xoxox

Angela said...

Happy happy birthday Alfredo! You are growing up so fast! Amy I love your invite and the mailing tubes - such a cool idea. Hope your camera turns up, too. Gog bless

sassy said...

Oh that is a fantastic idea! our soon to be 4 year old has asked for a jedi trainning bday but NEXT year Ninja it is!!!!!
oh please share how you got his sweet eyes into the pic!!!! and what is 2-up?
Can't wait for the party details!