Tuesday, February 16, 2010

all hearts and a favor

I know Valentine's Day is over but I'm so inspired by this purse (Lucky Brand)
At first, I didn't even really notice it...the colors are too dark for me.
But let's just imagine it as a brighter version...

So I think I'm going to work on making a bag like the one I made in Charlotte's class completely covered with overlapping hearts. It'll be a nice project to work quietly. A nice lap project.

p.s. Will you help me spread the word about the freebie pdf I showed you yesterday? Mention it in your blog with any of the following pictures and a link to my OpenSky shop and you'll get a 15% coupon good for any product in my OpenSky shop. Just comment here with your blog address or shoot me an email (amy @ inspireco. com)and I'll send you the code for the coupon.


Molly said...

First off can't wait to see what you create with that bag!! And your little doll is so cute!! You always inspire me :)
~Molly P

Megan said...

Happy to share your blog/store and creations! Please share if you have any events coming up! paris flea? teaching?

Vanessa said...

Hi Amy! I will try and add a link to my blog for your open sky shop. I have only had my blog running for about 4 weeks now. I do not get a chance to post to often but.. Anyway, I love your frozen Charlett stamp,I so want one for myself! If you get a chance go to my blog http://vanessa-stitchesnstuff.blogspot.com

Suz said...

Things have changed!
I thought I was in the wrong place...but it is very cute. I cannot wait to get my doll! And I got a coupon in the mail from Open Sky today. That is s sign I am spending too much money!!!!

Hugs to you...

melissadc76 said...

I posted about your doll on my blog and will send you pictures when I create something from the stamp!