Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the great catch-up

Lots of gifts have come in since the last time I updated you on the ongoing flow of love from the blog shower. I know I'm leaving some things out. It's not intentional, I promise.
Charlotte made some wonderful art for the room...

including this wonderful sunshine clock. Baby looks for it every time he gets his diaper changed (uh, something like 22 times aday!)

Two wonderful friends sent these fabulous animal cars, Danielle and Shelly...

(Danielle and Shelly, please don't worry that we got two sets. We love them so much and we're happy to have a double-set!)

I thought you might like to see a behind the scenes photo showing just how hard it was to get that photo. Baby's been waiting to get his hands on the cars for weeks!

Becky sent us a beautiful green suitcase packed full with love...including this felt banner which has a new home between the two birds... And some fun crafting supplies that we've put away for an older friend.

or maybe not?

Becky also sent these two, Baby's favorite couple, Puppy Dog and Kitty Cat.
She sent a set of circus animal finger puppets that Baby just adores. He squeals whenever he sees them. I pack them in the diaper bag for special times (like doctor's appointments) when he might get a bit fussy.

My friend Debbie gave us this sweet Ducky... Jenny and Aaron sent this happy picture...Baby loves it and smacks his lips whenever he sees it because I think he thinks they are real.
Catherine made us this beautiful pillow...I just love it so much!
Tracey sent us this bundle of booties and burp cloths. The booties are a bit too wee for this little one but I know they'll be cinderella-perfect for another friend someday. I can't wait to have feet this tiny to kiss.
And this very special picture was made for us by the Chapman family. We love it so much. It means so much to us, especially from this very, very special family. I have to go now. Baby's eating lunch and he's only so patient. Okay, he's not patient at all.


mel said...

those tiny toes and tiny hands are so sweet! he is so blessed to have you as i know you are to have him.

Susan said...

Such lovely things!
I've wanted to send you something for a long time, Amy. Just wasn't sure what you needed most. Would you like to send me a few suggestions (please???) or would you rather be surprised? And, I know I don't HAVE to. I WANT to!

Susan said...

One more thing...
WHO makes those adorable cars? I want some for my son's b-day!
Danielle and Shelly- can you send me your source?

Megan Crow said...

I was just going to ask the same thing about the cars - where can we get them?

Are they made from wood?

I don't have kids yet...but am trying to switch all the toys in our toy box (we do have young guests pretty often!) to all wooden/cloth toys - to reduce plastics and get away from the toxic scare. So if these are wooden - they'd be a great addition to our home too!

Thanks! megancrow at gmail dot com

dawnkristine said...

Such beautiful things! Thanks for sharing!

Oliver Rain said...

The baby is so fortunate that you've opened your home. I think that you and Rich are doing something so lovely, and it seems like such a happy thing for you. Children make such a difference in one's life. Any child would be happy surrounded by all these beautiful things at night (& to play with during the day).

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

So many wonderful happy things! What a blessing to receive so many gifts from the heart.

Jana said...

What precious gifts.....I'm happy you're being showered with so much love!