Wednesday, January 23, 2008

perchance to dream

Baby slept the whole night through, only waking for a little bit at 11:30. He is still asleep. This small feat feels as important as anything I've ever done in the entire of my life.

I love this baby. I mean I LOVE this baby. He's all I think of. When I close my eyes to sleep, I see his face smiling back.

He'll be with us until at least April, perhaps longer. Luckily, every day is stretched out and no moment escapes us. I can't believe he's only been here for 2 weeks. How can that be? Maybe it's all that lost sleep that makes the days and nights go on forever?

I'll have a shop update today with some fun things. Not quite as many as I'd planned but these days are not my own anymore. Gone are the days of glue and glitter all afternoon.

Baby just made a peep that echoed through the house thanks to the monitors planted in the kitchen and our bedroom. Quick as a whip, Rich jumped up from where he was sitting next to me to go get him. With slightly less pep in his step, Rich just came back down the steps saying in utter amazement "he's still asleep!" What's that Talking Heads song about waking up the baby?


jeanetta said...

its so cute to listen to you get excited over the little one. god bless

Laura said...

Even though I don't know you, it is so fun to hear about you getting acquainted with this baby - and with babies in general! They just add a whole new dimension to your life. Maybe we do have to give up some of the things that we used to do in our free time(glitter, sewing, movies, restaurants), but aren't these babies magical?! As I mentioned awhile back about having to leave a baby in his hospital room all alone after surgery (when I was a nurse) because he didn't have any parents, I think of how EVERY baby deserves to be thought of as the most precious baby in the world! You are doing the right thing!

Laura in Naperville, IL

rebecca sower said...

Amy, I am so thrilled for you and your husband and your sweet little guy. You have so much love to give and that is exactly what that baby boy needs the most. Take good care of you...mommyhood is hard work! :)

Jeanie said...

So exciting!! Some friends of ours are finalizing their adoption of their 2 foster girls next week! All of these giving families inspire me :)

Susan said...

Yeeee-haaaawww! A baby that sleeps through the night deserves major celebrating!!! Being persistent and consistent when teaching babies to sleep definitely pays off. And it's so true- these days spent with baby seem so slow. But then EVERYONE with older kids will tell you they went so FAST! I can't figure out the physics of that! Keep having fun, Amy!

Jenny said...

Well done! I know I always feel a little surge of "yay!" when my babies sleep through.

I know you may have been asked this a kazillion times... why foster? Wouldn't it be less heartbreaking to adopt? I mean, at least you get to keep the baby then. It takes a special kind of person I think (and obviously... you two are those types!) who can temporarily take children. I don't think I myself could handle it. God bless you both, truly.

Jana said...

YAY for little guy sleeping through the night.....that's a really big deal!! Hope he keeps up the good work for you. ;-)

Yummers! said...

I axiously await your posts to see what's new with the baby. Thanks for the update... keep them coming!

Love the hearts!

crust station said...

I love reading about the snippets of 'parenthood', sounds fantastic!

Kim in Carlsbad said...

Hello friend, I wnated to stop in and see if the baby had arrived. God bless you Amy - I do love your adventures - especially this one. You are making such a difference to this little person. Catch a nap when you can.

Kim in Carlsbad