Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the tiniest nest...

This is the sweetest gift I received with the batch of NeSts from my wonderful friend, Deb. It is the tiniest handspun NeSt, encapsulated in a locked and sparkly trunk. I love it with all my heart. Thank you, my friend, for this gift but most of all for your love and friendship.

Deb is a retail display designer in Seattle. She travels the country speaking to shopowners about the art of displaying products. And believe you me, she is incredible at it. If you are lucky enough to live nearby and are in need of her help, I hope you'll give her a call. But don't despair if you live far away...she can help you by email. And she'll blow your mind. Check out her site

Thank you everyone for buying up all of the NeSts in such a feverish rush. The last one was picked up just a little under 2 hours after I opened the floodgates. Thank you, each and every one of you darlings. And, for those who missed out, dry your eyes. Deb is busy preparing a batch of holiday-inspired NeSts. How's that for exciting?


clarice said...

Amy what a sweet nest, for a sweet girl !!! Clarice

Diane said...

That is just incredible. I spoke to you yesterday after the NeSts were sold out. I'll be looking for the next round.