Friday, October 6, 2006

bacon people

Last night, just like clockwork, my eyes opened up (at least one of them) at exactly 2 am. I turned on the radio just to see. And, miracles of miracles, I started to hear the familiar monologue...the one I'd heard a couple of days ago on the other end of the telephone. There was one small change...they edited it to add a segment with Gayle's son, Will, who is 19 and away at college. She ended the monologue with the same description of her breakfast with bacon. Commercial break. And then....ME!

I asked Gayle about all of the gifts she surely receives from people she knows and doesn't know. And whether receiving so many gifts changes her level of appreciation. I also asked if she was a good gift giver. On the phone call, she gave a long answer to this last question but that was edited out of the radio show. It makes me feel special though that I know this little bit about her that's not going to be aired.

The show will air again at 8 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm tonight, all EST.

I'm so pleased...what a way to kick off my vacation! If you're able to hear it, will you let me know? If you can't listen to the whole shebang, my bit comes on around the half hour mark.


Mama Urchin said...

yeah, bacon triumphs after all!!!

pinar said...

you see.. and you worried about this.. you won.. enjoy..

DivaDeb said...

Imagine that...little Amy the gift fairy asking a question like that...who knew?!!! ;o)

And now I am wondering if you will be sending Gayle a gift from Inspire Company?!!!

June said...

From one bacon person to another--congratulations! It is indeed an wonderful way to start your vacation. Have a blast!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...


Who is Gayle King?

In France
a girl name
had to ask

Anonymous said...
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Jenny Holiday said...

YAYYY!!! Amy!! How funnn!!! Oh I wish I could listen!!! maybe My sister will be kind enough to tune in and hold her phone to her radio for me and Aaron!!! :)
Worth a shot!!
Have a great vacation!!
xoxo Jenny

Coleen Thompson said...

Sorry not able to hear it from here. I wish I could though. It sounds like it was a great experience for you!


Pampered1 said...

Hi Amy, exciting! I missed the radio show but maybe it will air again. Ok, I didn't get the part about the bacon though. Guess I should have read more of the blog Anyway, congrats and have a great vacation.


Anonymous said...

You`ve got a lovely blog - I`m going to read on now :-)

Melissa said...

Hi Amy,

I am sad to say I never received anything in the Little House Gift Swap, nor have I ever heard back from my partner who I sent a gift to.. So sad... Is there and kind of follow up on this swap?


Becky said...

Hello...I've just discovered your blog after following a link from Posie Gets Cozy. I must say I love it!!! I'll be reading regularly--hope you have a great vacation!