Monday, August 27, 2012

first day of kindergarten

Don't even get me started on how it is even possible that this little baby boy is a kindergartener...

After weeks of expectation and counting down and no sign at all of even the least bit of nerves, he woke up this morning in the grumpiest of moods determined that he was not going to kindergarten.

He wouldn't put on so much as his underwear, let alone the uniform. It didn't matter what I his mind he was NOT going to go to school today.

So I did what every good mother would do...

I bribed him.  

After that it was all smiles.

And even though he was nervous, I know he's going to have a great day.
My big boy with his new teacher.
I'm so proud of you, sweet boy.


Debby said...

Ahhhh how cute. I bet you miss him like crazy. I just thought of you this morning and how much fun the sampler class was.

Evelyn said...

Holy Cow, Amy! I've been reading your blog since before Alfredo came to live with you. Where has all that time gone?! He is so cute! I am sure he will be a favorite amongst his classmates. Now, if you think the time has gone fast to this point, wait ... it somehow goes even faster once they start school. I still remember my boy getting on the bus for the first time ... (he will be 30 in January - wait, I can't be old enough to have a son THAT age!)

Jane said...

Oh, my gosh, where has the time gone? Like Evelyn, I've been following you for years, but it doesn't seem that long! Happy Kindergarten Days to that sweet boy, Alfredo! He'll sure have all the little girls chasing after him :)
They used to give the K moms a flower at my kids' school, and some schools here have a Boo-Hoo breakfast for the moms. You'll enjoy hearing what he has to say this afternoon! I picked up my youngest grandson last week, his first week in K, and it was such fun to hear his reactions to everything! xo

Dori said...

Oh, how the days have flown! I can't believe it, Amy! Such a big, special day for both of you! June Beach has a daughter who just started today, too. :) I hope Alfredo has a wonderful day and is filled with fabulous stories for you!

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Oh my gosh..yes..where has the time gone?! Ohhh how special these pics are! What a BIG day!! :)

Hooray! :)

Can't wait to hear all about his first week!!
Love from the NJ Shore!!

xo Jenny....and Aaron

Amy M. said...

Awww!!! Did you cry? I can't believe he is in Kindergarten! My boy starts next year and it's going to be really hard!!!


vivian said...

REally Amy? boy did that go fast! I bet he came home with lots to tell you about and will be eager to get up tomorrow for more! what did you bribe him with? lol! youre a good mom! hey we all do what we got to do to get what needs to get done.. done!
he looks adorable. I bet you thought about him all day long!
wait til you get used to it and find yourself with all that time to get things done.
have fun!

Lucy said...

LOVE! What did you bribe him with? Good Mom!

charlotte said...

yay!!! excited for Alfredo, you ... and his teacher who just got the greatest student and best-ever class mom too!!

Judy said...

Wow. What an adorable little man he is.
You must be sooo very proud of him.

connie said...

oh alfredo! he looks so grown up! how wonderful...

corinne said...

This is so awesome Amy! Congrats! xo corinne

Merci-Notes said...

oh, what a difference a wonderful teacher makes.
Seeing your son reminds me of my daughter and son's first days of school. What a wonderful gift to be called Mom. What a wonderful vocation.

With Kindness,