Thursday, June 14, 2012

kidding around

The big question other pre-kindergarten mothers are asking is: What camps is Alfredo doing? And the answer I give? None. Zip. Nada.

And you want to know why? Here we are in the last summer before school and I just want to hang out with him, have fun, be silly, have playdates. Make stuff, go on little trips, hang out at the pool. Work on things like our fine motor skills, writing his name in initial cap only, reading...but in a fun, no pressure environment.

So when I saw the Kidding Around class over at Big Picture, I knew it would be just the thing for us to do this summer.

Alfredo is extra excited to have his very own Smash book to use as his art journal for the course. It'll be a fun thing for us to do together and we can't wait!

Before the course started, there was a pre-assignment to make a paper chain to countdown to the class's start. Since we didn't get a chance to do that (the workshop starts today and I've been busy getting ready for St. Louis) I adapted this idea to make a countdown to his first day of kindergarten. Alfredo is a little worried about it and suprises me with questions like "Am I going to kindergarten tomorrow?" He doesn't seem to understand how long summer is. So what better way to show him than to make a paper chain, one link per day, 75 links in all until our big day. Every night we'll cut off a link to make the extra long chain a bit shorter, until kindergarten.

To sign your guys up for Kidding Around 3 with Tami Morrison, click here. It'll be fun to see you there!

Guess what! The folks over at Big Picture Classes offered that I could host a giveaway for a pair of classes so that you and friend can take the class together with your kiddos! How fun is that! Leave a comment below with your name, where you live, and your email address and you might just win! (I'll pick a winner Friday June 15 at 5 PM EST)

Winner: Congratulations Lida M!


janey jennings said...

Amy, how fun! I'm going to have my daughter sign up my youngest Grandaughter! Thanks for the heads up!

Unknown said...

How fun! We no longer have cable so this would be ideal to do with my two girls. I'm all about forgoing the only live once.

Christine said...

Sounds like so much fun! This will be so much fun for my daughter and I. Keeping my fingers crossed.

jesa said...

This class sounds like fun. I live in the US. Thank you for opportunity!!

Domestic Bloggess said...

What a clever idea! I love it and just know my little guy would too! Not to mention I'd LOVE to gift the 2nd class to my bestie Tamara and her son Grayson who is also my son's best friend. We are paper crafting sisters at heart :)

We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (so I don't know if we're eligible - though I sure do hope so!) Unfortunately our summers take a little bit longer to kick in so the kids are in school right until June 30th, returning to start grade 1 in September, but this would be a perfect way to document our sun & fun filled summers!

my email is snickerschickletAThotmailDOTcom


Jennifer Kolakowski said...

Thank you for the chance to win Amy! It sounds like so much fun! I also cannot waith for your BPS Stitch class!!!
Jen Kolakowski

miss lynn said...

wow! beatrice
and i would love
that! thanks for
the opportunity!
i love that your
are cherishing
each and every
summer day with
your boy, amy!
precious moments
to enjoy,
and memories to be

all my best to
you both!
miss lynn
hanging out, enjoying
our summer in
the middle of

deb said...

That WOULD be fun! My kiddos would love it!

Deb Damboise
Goffstown . NH
debdamboise at comcast dot net

Mary-Catherine said...

Oh! I would love to do this with's her last summer before Kindergarten too! We live in Sevierville, TN (Yep, near Gatlinburg) and are always looking for something new and creative to do!

LM said...

This would be great for my girls and me. A great summer project.

Spending the summer in Tallahassee,
Lida M

Waterfall said...

Glad you and Alfredo are going to spend the summer together doing so many fun things. I love the idea of the kindergarten countdown, too. Hope you and A. have a great summer!

Anonymous said... really have got it right. School is such a hamster wheel for us that it is so nice to just hang out and not have to do anything.

Lucy said...

Wow, Amy! You've been busy posting since the workshop! I LOVE that you are such a dedicated Mom!!!!!!!!

XO, Lucy

Karen said...

That paper chain countdown to kindetgarten starting is the best idea. I'm Karen, mum to two little boys. We live in Australia. Don't know if I've missed your deadline but no worries if I have. I signed up for your happy sampler class and am looking forward to it very much. Hope you and Alfredo have a lovely summer full of fun together.