Wednesday, June 13, 2012

charm sampler class

We switched gears on Sunday and worked on samplers. Above is Lucy's amazing VW bug sampler, all planned out and ready to stitch. Isn't it adorable?

It was so much fun to watch how the students' samplers took shape. Above is Brenda's...I love the Holly Hobbie charm!

Carol's is looking very "Mary" sweet!

Hillary had planned to make a red, white, and blue sampler but was so inspired by the kit and samples that she changed her's looking so lovely!

Jamie used a Sunbonnet Sue her mom had made and built a lovely sampler around it, using the quote "Grandmas are antique little girls" as the theme!

Jenn stitched a tiny little version of herself with dinosaur silhouettes. She plans on creating the grid beneath them and stitching bones...isn't that so clever?! She's an amazing dinosaur artist/pastry chef/brilliant girl. So much fun to have her in class!

Julie planned ahead with a little stitching journal filled with sketches and ideas to help her the paddle ball!

The other Julie brought an amazing treasure trove of trinkets, charms, buttons, etc, including the most adorable original shrinky dinks that her children made when they were young.

I love the flag that Lori stitched...and she even made a little dress for her tiny naked baby.

And I love the real thimble charm she dangled onto the stitching square!

Margaret came prepared with a patchworked piece to use in place of the grid. Love!

Can you tell how much fun we were having?

p.s. If you're wishing you'd come, why not sign up for my Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong over at Big Picture Classes. For a limited time, it's only $10 (regularly $20). It's really going to be so much fun.


Lucy said...

Hi Amy! Your class at the MEHC Workshop was FABULOUS! I'm having so much fun finishing my Bug!
XO, Lucy

koralee said...

Hi sweet friend...this looks like so much fun! Hope you are well. xoxo

Amy M. said...

I can't believe I never thought of using fabric squares as background! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


julie said...

Still working on my project and getting ready to start another! You are a wonderful teacher and I can't wait for the Go Lucky Stitchalong!!
julie c

JaneT said...

My mail to you is bouncing as the box is too full. I registered for the class and have tried to find out why I haven't gotten any information today. I think I have it finally figured out. I signed up under an email address I am no longer using as of this week due to so much spam. Could you please contact me so I don't get too far behind?

ghostkat said...

Very cool! do you have more pics from this class. really want to see how Jenn's dinosaur sampler more. that is so amazing!