Thursday, May 31, 2012

teachers gifts

As a thank you to Alfredo's preschool teachers, he made these fabulous necklaces! Can you believe how fabulously candy-like they are? All I did to get him started was to knot a length of fishing line to a clasp. I put out an assortment of jolly candy-colored beads in varying colors and he strung them on. I helped him space out the big beads. And, when we got to the center, I also helped him reverse the pattern that he created from the center bead out. But mostly, he made these himself. He is so proud of himself and already started a list of special friends he wants to make necklaces for. 

I found these cute clear plastic pillow boxes in my stash...they are perfect for gift giving because the receiver can get a peek at the gift without actually opening it.

And I made a cute tag from Claudine's fabulous paper line and a recent photo of Alfredo...isn't the sweetest little boy ever? 


Rhissanna said...

Oh my gosh, this is all too cute! I'll bet he had fun and I can see he made something to be proud off.

Stephanie Smith said...

Love the necklaces! He did a great job. What a cute little guy :)

janey jennings said...

He is too cute! What a great job he did, but then look who he has as a role model!
Love You

Amy said...

Love it!!! Where did you find such cute beads?


vivian said...

Youre such a good momma Amy! Im sure alfredo is so proud of making these gifts for his teachers. And that they will love them besides!
happy day

Lucy said... comment didn't go through!
Both Alfredo and the necklace are FABULOUS!

Only 9 more days until the workshop! My friend and I got together to prepare...made name tags and embellished our ME totes. We are taking your Sampler class together. I have fabric and charms...will you also be providing fabric and charms? Only 9 more days!!

kerriemore said...

Teachers work so hard! They deserve something made with love! Good Job, Alfredo!

Tracey Fisher said...

Really, really beautiful. The beads are fantastic and the tags are perfect. He really is the cutest!

Unique Jewelry said...

Like your blog :)

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Doreen said...

Those are beautiful!!! He looks great! So happy! Can you believe Kindergarten is next? We have 2 days left of Kindergarten. So exciting!

Jenny Holiday said...

ahhhhhh so so so cute!! I LOOVE those necklaces!! So so darling!! And gosh look at his edible little face!! :)