Thursday, May 17, 2012

kit and kaboodle

A few weeks ago, I had a nightmare that I'd forgotten the kits for my upcoming class at Mary Engelbreit's. Not that I'd forgotten to pack them...I forgot about them completely! Needless to say. that terrible dream jumpstarted my kitmaking efforts.

I started with the Tiny Worlds' kits...

and I just keep adding to them, making them better and better.

My friend Lorraine is going to do a trial run of the class tomorrow. I'm hoping running through it with her will help me better organize the time, and refine the kit contents.

Next week, I'm hoping to do the same with the sampler project and my friend Pam.


Debby said...

Last year I was sad I couldn't go and I can't this year either. Maybe next year. At least I am signed up to make the sampler with you online. Would you conside selling the "little world" kits after you teach the class. I see all kinds of goodies and would have fun creating with them.

Anonymous said...

I am going to the workshops and am very excited. I too am obsessing about what supplies I am bringing and while I believe that 'more is always better' I may need to pare down my selections! Honestly, I think there is a weight limit for a single piece of luggage for the airplane, isn't there?

Danee said...

Now you make me want to attend if only to get one of these sweet kits. I know you will do great. You are the most charming blogger I've found. You would fit in completely in Ann Arbor MI.

Lucy said...

Hi Amy!
Kit looks adorable! So looking forward to the SAMPLER workshop! See you in 20 days! :)