Thursday, May 26, 2011

party shoes

Embellished Shoes
from The Happy Birthday Issue

I finished only one of these shoes as a project for the birthday issue so I think I'll work on the other one and take them with me to St. Louis for Mary's big birthday crafting workshops next weekend.

To make your own, simply take a pair of fresh espadrilles and draw your design on them with Sharpie markers (see right shoe in photo) Mirror the same design on the other shoe (otherwise it might look like you're wearing two different shoes). Next start stitching! Use a narrow but strong needle. And I like to use button/carpet thread for sewing on the beads and sequins because it's extra durable.

The plain white espadrilles I used for this project are from Old Navy but are only available now in limited quantities and red stripes.


Carolyn said...

Love it!

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Lorrie said...


Carol Spinski said...

Ah Amy these are the cutest shoes ever! Love them~
Have a lovely weekend.


Cherie Wilson said...

oh so swell.....seeing YOU in THESE, next weekend Amy! XO

Maija said...

You are so talented and clever dear girl!!!

Safety equipment said...

So colourful and best shoes for parties. Its design is wonderful and excellent. I like your selection.

Claire M. said...

Lovely shoes :)

Claire M.

In Fashion Online said...

this shoes so beautiful. i like it.

Veronicanixp said...

So colourful and best shoes for parties. Its design is wonderful and excellent. I like your selection.

Anonymous said...

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