Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I need a drink

I began the day with good intentions. I need to update my books. About a month ago, which was the last time I thought to start this overwhelming task, the opening balance was off in the merchant account when I started to reconcile it. We'd just upgraded to the newest version of Quickbooks and there was a new option that said, something like "press this button to make everything right again". So, I pressed that magic button and decided that I'd done enough work on the books for one day. And I probably treated myself to a candy bar. You know me.

Fast forward with me, if you will, to today. In the spirit of putting my big girl panties on and all of that, I decided that I would devote my day to tackling the books. Let me just preface all of this by saying that I really, really, really hate doing my books. It makes me cross-eyed and stircrazy. I'd rather do just about anything.

Well, when I opened up my books to reconcile the merchant account, as is the first step of my book-updating process, I discovered that the magic button I'd pushed about a month earlier had "magically" turned back time all the way to the first day of business for Inspire Company!

It undid all of the bookkeeping work from way back in September 2000 all the way up 'til the last time I looked at these dang numbers back in February (when I had to get them ready for the accountant).

The room began to spin. I started to get that clammy feeling. I had to put my head between my knees and try not to cry.

Think, Amy, think.

It turned out to be not as horrible as I thought. In my sea of papers there was a reconciliation report my bookkeeper Jonna had printed out before she left to have her baby. I was able to go through that report and uncheck numbers as I followed along with my finger and mumbled them to myself outloud (sounding a lot like a crazy person).

And now I'm going to resist the temptation to call it a day (and order up that drink on on the rocks). I'm going to try to go back to work. But first I'll have an ice cold Coca-Cola with a little vanilla syrup in it. Oh, but wouldn't it be nice to throw myself on the couch and watch old movies!


lauren said...

Oh poor dear...
Isn't this just what happens when we don't "put our big girl panties on" as often as we should? We get a kick in the butt. I'm sorry dear honey...have the coke now, so's that you don't make another horrible error, and the drink on the rocks later, far far away from the computer!

Hang in there!

Amy said...

Oh Amy, I am luahgin my head off, not at you but just because it sounds just like the kind of things I do. I know it stinks but if you have your Coke and use the surge on energy to finish today, you won't have to do it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I know how you feel!! I've done that before...Many moons ago I wrote and managed some very large educational grants and had to account for every penny. One wrong button on the 'puter and POOF!
I put a little more than vanilla in my coke that night!
SO glad it worked out ok for you in the end!!

wish studio said...

oh, the books...such a drag. can't wait til i can have someone else do them for me :) found your site thru a friend, and featured your wish favors on mine...love them so! thanks for the inspiration.

Delaney Gates said...

Oh you poor thing! Kudos to you for figuring it all out! I'd probably be tempted to put my Scarlett O'Hara hat on and "think about it tomorrow". :)

Nerissa said...

I found your blog via Korie @ We Will Always Have Paris. What a great blog and store.
I know your pain. I volunteered half way through the year for the Officer's Spouses Club here on base. I was asked if I would be the social treasurer and of course I said yes, even though math is not my strong suit. Glad you worked through it. It feels good when you do. Hope you enjoyed that well deserved vanilla coke.

June said...

What a terrible thing to have happened. I hope all your data is restored without too much woe.

macati said...

hi sweetie
how you're doing today?

cruststation said...

Don't you just hate technical problems? Sounds like an absolute nightmare, but I'm sure you'll get it all back slowly. I suggest making back-ups.

Cupcake said...

Oh Amy,

I'm so sorry that happened. And I know that feeling when dread floods through your body. I distinctly remember feeling that way when I forwarded a note that should not have gone to anyone but the recipient to the wrong person. My world dropped out of the bottom of my feet! I am glad you were able to reconstruct the accounting. I think you deserve a double squirt of vanilla syrup!

Anonymous said...

As the self-taught bookkeeper of our company let me just say I can so sympathize with you. I go through the crying thing about once a month or so (and it's not hormones!)

The same exact thing happened to me when I upgraded QuickBooks as well.

Hang in there.