Monday, June 4, 2007

food, friends, fun

Saturday night, party at Doojies.

See here.

It was so much fun. Stephanie served us circus peanuts and bourbon punch...need I say more? Just in case I do, the time flew by as we giggled and shouted and snorted (Mel, I'm just kidding) and had a fabulous evening of girl-time.

Here's a word of warning...don't do something goofy like this while Stephanie is pointing the camera at you or she will post it on her blog the very next day and tell everyone that you were on an acid trip.

Secondly, when she hands out the goody bags and tells you that she didn't put Nerds in yours because she didn't want to offend you, try not to be offended. Even if you're the only nerd there who didn't get Nerds. And especially if you really like Nerds. Laffy Taffy is okay. And who can take offense at SweetTarts?

Can you tell it was a fun night? Head over to Steph's blog to see more party pix.


Francie M. said...

Have to laugh about the robot spam..and I can barely keep up with you :)
Looove those Hollywood glasses and too too funny about the Nerds etc.
You always make me laugh or at least smile a lot.

(( ))

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

I didn't get nerds either--I was handed a Milky Way with no explanation but I know it's the "space cadet" was unspoken... I know you had to be disappointed to miss out on one of my ladylike snorts--perhaps at Silver Bella??? Guess who just registered today?? xo-Mel

cruststation said...

Great googles :) Looks like a fabulous party, glad you enjoyed yourself.