Tuesday, July 26, 2005

half doll ideas

What should I do with these half dolls? I have quite a few of them.

Rachel Ashwell shows in her newest book "Sumptuous Settings and Other Lovely Things" how to use a net cake cover for the skirt for a half doll. She decorates the dome net with rosettes and then secures the doll on top. Very pretty indeed. I should be able to find this sort of dome rather easily now since they are with the seasonal, picnic type items. Hey, maybe even on sale!

I also thought it would be fun to place her atop a papermache hat box that I could decorate to look like a skirt. Then the half doll would act as a handle to open the box.

I could make a pillow type of bottom that is a sachet, with a crinoline skirt.

Or I could sell these just as they are for my customers to have fun with.

What do you think? Do you have another idea for these? Would you be interested in buying just the reproduction doll for about $12?


Allie said...

I'm not nearly creative enough to make something out of a half doll, but all your ideas sounded cute!

Design4u said...

If she can be hung she would make a lovely tassel with all sorts of ribbon and fancy yarns for her skirt. Hmmm...Tammy

Anonymous said...

I would knit a beaded skirt and put her on a stand to show her off. I have done quite a few of them and have some patterns for same. The half dolls are loved by my daughters and granddaughters.