Friday, July 22, 2005

foot reading

On my list of things that must be done yesterday was a pedicure. I needed freshly painted toes for my pretty, pretty shoes that I am going to wear with my pretty, pretty dress to my friend's wedding tomorrow.

The last time I went to the salon to have my nails (both hands and feet) all polished up, the nail technician read my palm. She said some very insightful things...including that I have a very wonderful husband who cares for me almost too much. Yes, this is true. Next, and she really meant this, I must be careful with girlfriends who are my age or younger. She said that they will try to take advantage of me and that I should be careful. Hmmm....all that from looking down some winding lines on my palm. Still, I was very happy to get this nice freebie with my manicure. She said she doesn't do it to everyone...just people who she gets a strong feeling from when she touches their hands. Anything that makes me feel special I like.

Well yesterday I did not get a manicure because I didn't have the time and my nails are in such bad condition from tearing open boxes with my bare hands. So as she was scrubbing my feet and I was trying not to giggle or wiggle, she said "I see you have a mole on your foot. Do you know what that means?" "No" I say because I truly didn't. "You are always wishing to be somewhere else. You never keep the same job. You change friends too much, especially boyfriends." Huh? Me? So I said to her "It's a freckle" And it is just a freckle. It's not raised or in anyway mole-like. And I am not restless, thank you very much.

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