Monday, October 28, 2013

a halloween treat!

We're having so much fun over at my Big Picture Class, Craft Happy.  Above is a bonus project for Halloween. I made them in the summer but just looking at them makes me want to make more. Maybe if we get homework done early tonight.

Alfredo is super excited to be a honey badger for Halloween since that's his favorite animal in the whole world. If you don't know about the honey badger, it is arguably the most fierce of all creatures. It fears nothing and will take on a king cobra, a lion, anything that crosses its path. I bought a skunk costume and added claws to plain black gloves. I'm not sure if the fangs will work out...he can only wear them for 4 seconds at a time. Maybe I'll sew some fangs on the costume head instead. Running out of time, though. And I still have to fashion a saint costume for the All Saints parade. You can just guess who our nature lover will be dressed as. You got it...St. Francis of Assisi!

It's not too late to join in the fun of Craft Happy! Sneak in through the back door and register here. We're getting ready to start this advent countdown project...


Julie Clark said...

Cute everything. Pumpkins,Alfredo aka Honey Badger and advent calendar. I so wish that I had time for the class. Hope that it is successful. Julie

simply bev said...

That's one fierce looking honey badger!