Tuesday, November 1, 2005

thanksgiving 101

I can't complain because I brought it all on myself. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year for 27 people! I think I must have lost my marbles to suggest that Thanksgiving be at our house for Rich's family but we do have a nice sized kitchen with two ovens and 5 burners and lots of counter space.

I signed up for a Thanksgiving cooking class tomorrow morning at Williams-Sonoma. I am going to take notes and pay attention (I really was one of those who sat at the front row in class!)

This will be only my second turkey. A few years ago on a quiet weekend in early Autumn I told my mother that I thought I might make a turkey just for fun. My mother started telling me how hard it would be to find a fresh turkey and that I wouldn't have enough time to thaw a frozen turkey. Well, I thought, she just doesn't know what resources I have living in a semi-urban area. I searched and searched and finally did find a nice fresh turkey. It was wonderful. In the middle of our Sunday dinner of nice turkey, my mother called and asked sarcastically (which really isn't her nature) "How's your tuuuuurkey?" To which I replied, of course, "very good".

So now whenever I come up with some impossible scheme which Rich knows that I will find a way to do but anyone else would give up on, he always asks me "How's your tuuuuurkey?" And it is almost always very good. :)

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Lori said...

I have been wanting to take one of those classes but was hesitant because I don't chop correctly. I am now going to try brining a turkey and my husband, who prefers pork to turkey may just like it. Thanks for the inspiration.